Butterfly feeder


Ant moat in the center keeps away ants for fresh nectar

There are 725 different butterfly species living in North America. Start attracting butterflies to your garden with an easy to use butterfly feeder with room for nectar and ripe banana slices and juicy watermelon. Yellow plastic cover attracts butterflies, inviting them to sip nectar through the openings and nectar soaked wicks, which are meant to simulate flower blossoms. Includes hanging hook for hanging in a shaded location. Disassemble two-piece base for easy cleaning. 11 inch diameter. 

  • 12 oz. capacity with 4 built-in fruit trays
  • Attract butterflies with multiple feeding stations
  • Monitor nectar levels through clear plastic basin
  • Easy to clean & refill; dishwasher safe



The #1 choice of butterfly experts

Designed and tested by a butterfly breeder, the nectar reservoir holds the perfect amount of nectar to minimize spoilage and ensure better butterfly health. Proven to attract butterflies with red, threaded and nectar soaked wicks -- similar to real flower blossoms -- where butterflies can sip nectar. Includes a list of plants you can add to your yard to attract butterflies, nectar sold separately. Includes hanger to hang near your garden with the option to mount the feeder on any round 3/4 inch post, post sold separately. Butterflies are attracted to the colors of the red and yellow BPA-free plastic; monitor nectar levels through the clear plastic bottom. 6 inch diameter. 

  • 6 oz. capacity with 3 built-in fruit trays
  • Attract butterflies with multiple feeding stations
  • Butterflies sip nectar through the red, nectar soaked wicks
  • Easy to assemble, clean & refill

Your garden can be a haven for butterflies with just a little planning. Attract butterflies to your garden or backyard using the Songbird Essentials' Butterfly Feeder. Designed and tested by a Butterfly Breeder, the patented combination of wicks and tubes that mimic real flower blossoms and small spikes which hold fresh fruit pieces is the number 1 choice of butterfly experts. Fill the feeder with our all natural formula also developed by a butterfly breeder. Feeder design and color attracts butterflies and the nectar reservoir size contains the right amount of nectar to minimize nectar spoilage, which means increased safety for better butterfly health. A list of plants that attract butterflies is included. Easy to assemble, fill and clean. Mount on 3/4 inch post or use the included coated wire to hang. 6 inch diameter. Patent number 5,493,999.

Sweet nectar attracts all kinds of pretty things

Start attracting butterflies to your garden with this easy to use butterfly nectar that mixes easily with water. You may be pleasantly surprised by seeing the occasional hummingbird, too! This tasty nectar includes sucrose and fructose, along with trace minerals and other ingredients. 5 oz. package of powdered nectar, suitable for feeding all season long. 

  • 5 oz. package makes 104 oz. of butterfly nectar
  • Attract beautiful butterflies to your garden
  • No artificial dyes or preservatives
  • Powdered nectar dissolves easily with water
  • Made in the USA



From http://nababutterfly.com/butterfly-feeders/butterfly-feeders-mn/

Instead of using bananas that had naturally spoiled in our kitchen, we followed the suggestion in How to Spot Butterflies by Patricia Taylor Sutton and Clay Sutton, and put a peeled banana in our freezer overnight.  When we took the banana from the freezer the next day, it had a gray, mealy consistency, but it worked in our feeder.


From Birds Choice on Amazon

Attract a variety of butterflies with this 12 oz. capacity feeder and fruit trays. Built in ant moat to deter pests. High-impact polycarbonate construction. There are several ways to attract butterflies. First, color is important, since they react to strong ultra-violet reflections. Next, they take the nectar from flowers, therefore, a nectar solution attracts. The Flutterby is designed to accommodate butterflies, while keeping out bees, ants and bugs. It is known that overripe fruit attracts some species of butterflies; therefore, space is provided in which to place fruit. The Flutterby Butterfly Feeder is the perfect compliment to the backyard or garden of any nature enthusiast. This unique feeder offers two ways in which to attract butterflies: nectar and fruit trays make this one of the best feeders of the market.