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Hummingbirds of North America by Greg Homel

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Quick Reference Publishing

Authors: Greg R. Homel

ISBN: 978-1-936913-42-8

Hummingbirds of North America is a quick and easy to use, light-weight, durable, all-weather field guide to the smallest, and some of the most colorful, popular, mysterious and alluring birds in North America— Hummingbirds. Over 100 stunning digital photographs depict every hummingbird species ever recorded in the United States and Canada. And just as importantly, each species is represented by a variety of images that show precisely which field marks to look for and how each may appear in the field at differing lighting angles.

Organized by region (Widespread, Eastern, Pacific States, Rockies and Montane West, Desert Southwest, U.S./Mexican Borderland, etc.), the guide immediately sets users in the right direction by narrowing down the possibilities while answering the pivotal question: “Which hummingbirds occur in my region?” Designed to satisfy the needs of birders of all interest levels—but especially beginning and intermediate users trying to make sense of it all—this beautiful and amazingly informative six-fold guide will be an indispensable companion on all outings.

This affordable guide will conveniently fit into any daypack, pocket or glove-compartment, facilitating easy field identification—whether in a home garden, on a family vacation, or a serious trip visiting all the best hummingbird hot spots within the United States and Canada.

Binding: laminated fold-out guide, 12 panels, full-color illustrations

Product Dimensions: 4" x 9-1/4" folded; 24-1/2" x 9-1/4" unfolded

Publisher: Quick Reference Publishing 2014

ISBN: 978-1-936913-42-8


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