Fund Raising

Everyone loves hummingbirds so why not raise funds for your organization and feed the birds

Everyone loves hummingbirds, so why not raise needed funds for your organization and help hummers at the same time? We can offer your group or organization a novel, easy method of fundraising that insures repeat giving throughout the year. Here’s an example of how this can work for your group. When you think of Girl Scouts® you immediately think Girl Scouts® cookies.

Bird Clubs

Animal Shelters

Houses of Worship

  • Church Choir
  • Mission Trip
  • Youth Group

Sports Teams

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey Little League
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleader
  • Youth Sports


  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Elementary School
  • Prom
  • PTA
  • Dance


The limitations of the Girl Scout® cookies are that they only do that fundraising once a year. As a result, the majority of their funds from this source are limited to just one month of the year. With private labeling of your own nectar, repeat sales can be made throughout the year. When a supporter of your group runs out of nectar, a simple phone call will bring to their doorstep a new supply the next day. And, the nectar package will promote your group or organization so you’re supporters will always have access to new nectar and your group will have access to year round income. And, those folks will associate your name with their nectar. Just like cookies and Girl Scout®!

What groups and organizations can benefit from this innovative form of community fundraising? The answer is any or all can effectively and efficiently raise much needed funds in this manner. Public cultural organizations (zoos, garden clubs, athletic teams like Little League, arts organizations), non-profit organizations, fraternal groups, civic groups, social groups, birding clubs, religious groups, youth groups of all sorts, fraternities and sororities, public and private schools, PTA’s, conservation and environmental organizations, etc. The list of groups who can benefit from this form of fundraising is practically unlimited.

Are You Facing Budget Cuts?

In today’s economy many organizations that previously received public and private grants have seen those sources of income either greatly diminished or evaporate altogether. Organizations of all sorts are facing severe budget cuts for a variety of reasons, and the end still isn’t in sight. Banks and other lending institutions are no longer giving monetary awards to non-profits and they aren’t making low-interest loans either. Traditional fundraising approaches such as bulk mailings, phone banks, memberships and ticket sales have all fallen in recent years. Response rates have dropped significantly and the costs involved in traditional fundraising methods have increased.

Our fundraising methods will insure success in your own community by raising the funds needed to operate while keeping your name up front with your supporters. You will be raising money from folks who already belong to your organization and therefore know the financial situation and are committed to making it better. These are the same folks who live on your street and in your community. Selling Hummingbird Market Nectar to your friends, neighbors, group members will prove much easier than any other type of sale. You’ll be successful raising the needed funds and the hummingbirds in your community will thrive as a result!

Membership drives and ticket sales may fill seats, but don’t offer ongoing financial support. When local, state and federal governments are forced to balance budgets and cut expenditures to arts, cultural, athletic, social and educational groups are usually the first to feel the pinch. When it comes to raising funds and building a loyal donor base for ongoing support, you are competing against thousands of worthy causes every day. Using our fundraising approach, you can do more than just raise money. With Hummingbird Market Nectar’s donor-centered, multi-channel approach to fundraising, you’ll cultivate long-term relationships with your constituents as well – ultimately improving campaign results over time.

Using our method to fundraising means putting your prospects first to help you establish new relationships and capitalize on existing ones. That’s why our fundraising strategies focus on your donors – who they are, where they live and work, what they’re doing and how they are motivated to give to your worthwhile group efforts. Offering our hummingbird products can uncover your best prospects – your neighbors, friends, relatives, and the business down the street. If you are an organization, school, youth group, sports team or house of worship we can easily develop packages of nectars and feeders for your fundraising. Hummingbirds abound across North America and who doesn’t love hummingbirds? Granted, some regions have a short hummingbird season and others longer. Many southern tier states have hummers all throughout the year. With the understanding that you are raising money for a good cause, most folks will purchase from you no matter what time of year. And, when they run out, you’re only a phone call away. Better than cookies, you’re raising needed money for your group and helping nature out at the same time. That’s a win-win situation!

How it works.

We put your order into convenient sized packages (16, 24, 48, 64 ounces) that are beautifully designed and colorful. We create a label with all the organizational information you want folks to see and know. We ship to you in boxes designed to hold the correct amounts of nectar packages. When your volunteers go door-to-door, your potential customers will learn that Hummingbird Market Nectar is the best quality nectar on the market and is, ounce for ounce, the least expensive. Once they try it, repeat orders will become customary. The packaging will inform your customers that they are supporting a worthwhile community organization by buying from you. Your organization will be able to purchase at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. You can, in fact, set the retail price either under or over our recommended retail price. Or, it can be sold on a donation basis with a suggested minimum donation. Either way, it’s designed to make your organization a handsome profit. And, the volunteers will only have to make a single visit to each potential customer, as reorders can either be hand delivered (such service!) or shipped directly to their home.

If you are an organization, school, youth group, sports team or house of worship we can easily develop packages of nectar and feeders for your fund raising.

This can include:

  • Special labeling with your organization's name
  • Feeder and nectar packages
  • Fast delivery