Our made in USA policy

Made in USA

We are fervently in support of encouraging the purchase and use of American made products. Outsourcing the manufacturing of products overseas purely to drive production costs down (while increasing profits) has affected the wild bird market just as it has most other American markets. We strongly believe in supporting our American businesses, workers, consumers and the US economy. This is the primary reason we have adopted this policy.

Aside from undermining the American economy and its skilled labor force, there are other serious and important reasons to buy American. Many products from overseas are produced from extremely low wage labor and, in fact, there has been ample documentation of forced labor, slave labor, prison labor and child labor abuses. Importing cheap foreign goods also means a larger carbon footprint. Another reason to avoid cheap imported products is that they may be manufactured using less than quality materials and supplies. It’s understood, for example, that Chinese steel and plastics are inferior to US made materials. Also, there have been many documented instances where cheap outsourced products have toxic materials in them. This has affected a wide range of products that use paper, wood, steel and other metals, plastics and even fabrics. We are far more trusting that any product made in the USA will be reliable and safe to use.

On a very rare occasion we may sell a product from overseas, but only in the case that the manufacturer has American supervision and quality control standards that are equal to US standards. Even then, we are still quite discriminatory. Only if the product is patent protected and no other such product is suitable as a replacement or alternative, may you rarely find such a product in our inventory. We also know from experience, that such patented products only have a 17 year window of protection and when the patent expires, another American company is waiting in the wings to introduce an American version of that product. In any case such as that, we will always pick the American manufacturer.

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