All Aspects Hummzinger Hummingbird Feeders are superior in design and materials and offer the following features: Classic design for easy cleaning and refilling; spill proof, drip proof, leak proof pan-type nectar base; hang or pole mount; easy-to-read nectar-level indicator on nectar base; a continuous perch for conserving energy and viewing pleasure; bee and wasp resistant design; built-in ant moat prevents insect contamination; strong UV-stabilized poly carbonate construction for durability and long-life; attractive to both hummingbird and human eyes.

The bright colored covers attract hummers from a distance and remove easily so the bowl can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Poly carbonate construction enables us to offer our Lifetime Guarantee. In fact, the feeders are so good that the company only receives a few guarantee inquiries per year.

The integrated wrap-around perch encourages the birds to sit and stay awhile---saving some energy.

They are manufactured in Rhode Island, USA

Counterfeit Alert: Beware! There are counterfeiters selling feeders that they claim are made by Aspects. The feeders look identical, but do not function identically. Be cautious when purchasing Aspects feeders from Amazon as that is where the imitators are dropping their fraudulent product(s). 

See How Amazon’s counterfeit problem reached a bird feeder manufacturer in Rhode Island 

Regarding our Aspects Pricing: On March 15, 2017 Aspects announced its unilateral Full Line, Internet, Warranty and Advertised Pricing Policy. Pursuant to this pricing policy all retailers are required to sell the Aspects products at the Aspects 'Suggested Retail Price'. Hummingbird Market is in complete compliance with said Aspects policy.

A happy customer states:

"If I had to be limited to using only one hummingbird feeder, it was always the 12 ounce High View model. Now, Aspects has introduced the newest member of its family of Hummzinger hummer feeders – the 8 ounce High View model. It has all the attributes of the 12 ounce model but in a slightly more compact model. The raised perch enables hummers, even babies just out of the nest, to utilize the perch and thus conserve energy. The raised perch also provides us humans with the best possible viewing of the entire bird. Like all the other Hummzinger models, this feeder is leak, drip and spill-proof; can hang or be pole/dowel mounted; has a built-in ant moat; has three food ports; accepts the nectar guard tips (sold as an accessory) that keeps the feeder bee and wasp-proof; is constructed of UV stable polycarbonate for extremely long life; built-in nectar gauge on side of nectar bowl; allows rain to pass thru the feeder without diluting the nectar; and, like all Aspects products, is made in Rhode Island and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee! Now, I prefer my 8 ounce High View to all others!"

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