Mission Statement


Since day one, we have invested our resources and energy into producing innovative hummingbird nectar and offering quality hummingbird products.  Over the past years our nectar has evolved - and we will continue to introduce best-in-class products for your hummingbirds - but our commitment to our founding hummer principles has not wavered. Choosing our own path and staying true to our core has not always been easy: choosing between profit and the hummingbirds we always opt in favor of the hummingbirds. We are proud to see these same values reflected within our family of passionate consumers.  And we are grateful for our consumers’ support and loyalty over the years.

Our Policies:

  • Cause no harm.
  • Educate regarding the proper feeding of hummingbirds
  • Better the human/ hummingbird nutritional offerings.
  • Scale sales of nectar to facilitate additional scientific research to develop beneficial healthy nectar for hummingbirds of all regions.
  • Keep hummingbird nectar affordable, we believe that more hummingbirds will receive the quality nectar they deserve.
  • Specialize in natural hummingbird foods that are formulated with only the healthiest ingredients.
  • Committed to helping hummingbird research and proudly donate a percentage of our profits to research grants.

Happy Hummingbirding