About Feeders

Hummingbirds are not interested in the brand of feeder, where you purchased or the cost. What interests them is a feeder that is clean and provides a regular supply of nectar. They also like feeders with perches as they allow the hummer a brief rest. Note that hummers expend an enormous amount of energy just hovering for food---thus the amount of effort expended is minimized by offering feeders with perches.

And perches permit people to get a better view of their guests. 

Select feeders that are functional rather than a gifty ceramic upside-down strawberry type. They should be robust enough to last years and they should function properly. Most people want a feeder that is pleasing to their eye though ultimately, the hummers will be the ones to choose.

We human hummer feeders often have preferred designs for feeders, but there is probably no single “best” design that covers all important characteristics. We have selected hummingbird feeders that disassemble easily for cleaning and maintenance, provide good viewing of the birds using the feeder, and are durable and bee-resistant. The latter often translates to “non-drippy” though there are other factors involved in bee resistance.

There are really only a handful of basic designs for a hummingbird feeder though the details and execution (and the effectiveness) of the designs can vary widely. We have tested them all and offer, what we feel is the best-of-the-best.