Gardening for Hummingbirds

We have performed research about nectar components and sugar volume but we do not claim to know all there is about the thousands of flowers that hummingbirds visit.

Plants that attract hummingbirds often have brightly-colored, tubular-shaped flowers that make is easy for hummingbirds to feed on nectar. These plants include bulbs, perennials, and wildflowers that will attract hummingbirds to your garden. You can create a garden with hummingbirds flitting from plant to plant all season long!

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Hummingbird plants

Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest  by Marcy Scott

Hummingbirds and plants have co-evolved. These little flying jewels need nectar and shelter, while many native plants need to be pollinated by the birds. Hummingbird fanciers along their migration routes can enjoy the flower/bird show and even help species threatened by loss of habitat with wise landscape choices. It's easy. Just add hummingbird-friendly native plants to your garden, and take some simple steps to enhance the habitat in your yard and beyond. Here, Marcy Scott provides a wealth of guidance. 120 plant profiles, with detailed information on their significance to hummingbirds, distribution, known habitat, and appearance Plant-focused profiles of the 14 regularly occurring hummingbird species Hummingbird natural history, plant pollination, and how and why to create habitat Tips on landscaping, finding plants, and gardening in the Southwest 15 ways you can help hummingbirds and their flowers

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