Nectar 16 pounds in a Plastic Bucket with Twist-off Gamma Lid. - Hummingbird Market of Tucson, Arizona. Feeders and Nectar

Nectar 15lbs/ 2 gal Plastic Bucket with Twist-off Gamma Lid.

  • $ 64.95

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Formulated with 'All Natural' plant sugars that most closely replicate nectar from Mother Nature's flowers.

15 lbs in a plastic bucket makes 960 oz of nectar.

This is for those who feed many birds. It could last you all hummer season. Or share with friends. The container and lid make this a tad more expensive but the container is very functional for storage of your nectar.

These plastic buckets have a metal handle and a removable/ twist-off Gamma lid that is dual gasketed and has a threaded locking system that keeps out moisture and pests.

The Gamma lid converts a plastic bucket or plastic pail into a unique reusable plastic container. These heavy duty bucket lids are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) food grade plastic material, which creates a leak-proof and completely airtight seal.

Only available at select retail locations.


  • 2 gal/ 15 lb bucket is 10" high x 10" wide.   $64.95