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Nectar Box 15 lbs---Stuff the Medium Box

  • $ 52.95


Formulated with 'All Natural' plant sugars that most closely replicate nectar from Mother Nature's flowers.

This box of nectar could last you all season.

3 x 5 lbs or 6 x 2-1/2 lbs
(our configuration)

(Value=$59.85/ Save=$6.90)

NOTE: Sometimes, at our discretion, and depending on availability we may substitute 2-1/2 lb pouches. Same nectar and same price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To purchase the most nectar for the least shipping we use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes and fill to capacity with nectar.  The boxes are a specific dimension and are totally filled with nectar and there is no room for feeders and other products.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: As of October, 2023 we are experimenting with different shipping boxes and UPS and USPS rates. This may result in lower shipping costs to you.

We premake these boxes and
they do not ship with other items.

If you want to order additional items at the same time as the "Stuff the Box", please order these items via a new order.

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