Alexander Wilson's Account of Humming Bird

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WilsonI was reading my just received "Wilson Journal of Ornithology", published by the Wilson Ornithological Society. And I have been noticing that each issue for the last year had an article about Alexander Wilson. 

From 1803 to his death in 1813, Alexander Wilson traveled over 12,000 miles, visited all 15 states and territories of the United States, discovered 26 species of birds, wrote and illustrated 314 accounts of birds of eastern North America, sold 450 subscriptions, and edited and supervised publication of the nine volume American Ornithology. In honor of the 200th anniversary of Wilson's achievement of his nine volume American Ornithology the journal is running a series of short stories about Wilson.

So what does this have to do with hummingbirds? Good question!!!

I searched out the American Ornithology and located the account for Trochilus Colubris- The Ruby-throated hummingbird. The account comprises six pages and offers a unique glimpse into early ornithology especially as it pertains to hummingbirds.

Click here---> American Ornithology  Volume 2

There is much here---All digitized by Google for your viewing. There is a little page navigation box on the top [Front Cover] and from the drop down menu you can select Hummingbird page 76 Or scroll to top right page number 76

A link for more information about Alexander Wilson:

Alexander Wilson Ruby-throated

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