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Hummer Helper Nest Material Refill Only.

  • $ 6.39

An attractively packaged refill pre-cut to fit the hanger/cage SE7021 above. The cage is not sold separately but as with nesting material. 

This is just the refill for the SE7021 cage.

Hummer Helper helps take the place of spider webs and lichen in lining the tiny nests.

Note: Goldfinches, Titmouse, and other birds also use it!

The birds really do use this to build their nests. Don't run out. Order three and we can ship inexpensively via a Flat Rate Envelope.

To learn more about hummingbird nesting please visit our article about hummingbird nesting and why dryer lint is bad for birds.

From product package insert: "This product is the only product to be used in the SE7021 Hummer Helper cage. The cage holds this material in such a manner that a very large percentage of it is exposed. This is important for two reasons: 1.) Most importantly it ensures that after a rain, the airs quickly dries the material. 2.) The cage also provides a very large access area and a bright red color. Both contribute to the Hummer  Helper being readily used by hummingbirds and other backyard birds.